3D space-filling representation of a caffeine molecule

On-line Problem Sets

Please download the relevant problem set(s). An on-line form will be available starting in late October for all registered students to submit their answers to each problem set; the system will then display which questions have been answered correctly. Students can submit their answers at any time once the on-line form has been made available. Generally, however, they should aim to submit their answers for each problem set no later than 1 week after the next problem set becomes available. The final deadline for answer submission will be when the take-home exam is mailed out to participating students.

Note: the first problem set will be treated as a “practice” set; you will be able to submit your answers on-line, but the results will not be counted as part of your total for the on-line program.

Problems for 2016-17:

  1. October problem set – English (version français)
  2. November problem set – English (version français)
  3. December problem set – English (version français)
  4. January problem set – English (version français)
  5. February problem set – English (version français)
  6. March take-home exam – will be sent to all students registered in the training program on March 12th. Due date and instructions should be included in the email or on the problem set. If you do not receive a copy, please contact the co-ordinator.

On-Line Answer Submission:

Answer submission for the 2016-17 on-line problem sets is now closed

The deadline for submission of all problem set answers is the end of Sunday March 12th


The first few problem sets will cover and build on components of a typical grade 12 chemistry curriculum. Subsequent problem sets while reflect the increasing level of difficulty associated with the practice problems published by the host IChO country. Students may wish to investigate the possibility of auditing 1st year chemistry courses at their local college or university where evening classes are available. Alternatively, students can make use of podcasts available through iTunesU (via the iTunes store or using the iTunesU app) or the MIT OpenCourseWare program. Please see the Resources & Syllabus page for suggested texts, useful links, and other information.

Note: If you find an on-line resource that is particularly helpful, let us know so we can pass that information on to others!